Vet Services

**IMPORTANT** In regards to the COVID-19 please click here to read about the changes to our services.

Owned pets

Registered clients, who have received an email or text message from our Clinic please click here for further information.

Please note that we are making changes to our public service, from 31st March 2020 we will no longer be running our subsidised public service.

Until 31st March 2020, we will provide veterinary care and treatments to animals belonging to individuals who are on a low income or who are facing financial hardship. We treat these pets on an appointment-only basis. Click here to see if you might be eligible for this service.

Lost and Straying Animals

Every day there are lots of lost and straying animals on the streets of Bristol. Many of them arrive at our doors, often ill or injured after being brought in by a member of the public, the Dog Warden, RSPCA Inspectors or the police. We are always there to help. Every animal receives the treatment that it needs so that they are well enough to either be reunited with their owner or begin the search for a new home at our Rehoming Centre.

When lost or straying cats come into our care, our expert veterinary team provides treatment for any illness or injury that they present with. This ranges from simple flea treatments and routine checks, to intensive care support if for example, they have been in a road traffic accident.

We are a charity and as such rely on the financial donations that owners, who are claiming their cats, can donate to us. These donations help to cover some or all of the cost of their cat’s treatment whilst in our care.

When you come in to claim your cat from us, we will explain the veterinary care your cat has received and the cost of that treatment. We appreciate if you can make a contribution towards the cost and are very grateful if you can cover the entire cost, as this helps towards the running of our 24/7 emergency service for stray animals in Bristol.


We provide a 24 hour service for injured or sick wildlife if the animal is brought to us – we are unable to collect animals. If you discover an injured or sick animal and you are able to safety transport it to us, please call us 0117 9724567 before beginning your journey. If you are not able to transport the animal, please call the National RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234 999. Our main priority is to ensure that the animals are able to return to their natural habitat after their recovery and rehabilitation at a specialist wildlife centre. Our first aid wildlife service helps prevent the suffering of hundreds of wild animals every year.

RSPCA Cruelty and Neglect

One of the most difficult part of our work is providing veterinary care to animals who arrive with RSPCA Inspectors. The cases can be severe and unfortunately we see unimaginable cruelty and neglect. We work alongside our rehoming team to help and heal these animals before they are ready to be rehomed. Finding a loving home is always our priority for these animals. We accept every animal that arrives with our local Inspectorate team from the Bristol and District area.

We need your support to be able to continue this vital and life-changing service. If you’d like to offer a brighter future to animals who have faced a past of pain and cruelty, please consider donating to us today.

Free cat and dog micro chipping

We are currently offering completely free micro chipping to any cat or dog in the Bristol area. Call us today: 0117 9724567.

Free or reduced cost Outreach Clinics in Knowle West and Lawrence Weston