Hi! I’m Mario

Mario is a special ferret who arrived to us very dirty and worried. After a few baths and some TLC he became very relaxed and friendly… perhaps too relaxed!

Over the winter months Mario just wanted to eat and sleep. Due to his lack of motivation to exercise we had to put him on a very strict diet as he just kept putting on weight. He had to learn to work for his food using puzzle feeders, luckily he is very intelligent and worked this out immediately!

As spring time has finally arrived, Mario has completely changed his tune and is more than happy to come out for play time! He loves chasing after his carer, rolling over for tummy tickles, and his favourite thing to do now is play with fishing rod toys.

Mario is looking for an experienced ferret owner to keep up with his exercise regime and diet. He could live with children aged 10 and over and could potentially live with other ferrets if introductions were successful.

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About Mario:
3-6 years