Hi! I’m Herbert

Herbert is a shy little chinchilla who arrived to us from the RSPCA as part of a hoarding case. He was very underweight, missing lots of fur and had a few cuts and grazes. After several months of TLC,

he is thriving tremendously and is now at a healthy weight and in great condition. Herbert is quite shy so is looking for a quiet, patient home, willing to spend time building up his confidence. He will come to the front of his cage to say hello and take a treat, but will likely always have a more nervous disposition. He does love to bounce around his cage and roll around in his dust bath. Herbert may be able to live with another male chinchilla in the future, but adopters wanting to pair him will need to be aware of how to go about this gradually. He will need a large cage with plenty of wooden or fleece covered levels, no plastic at all. He is used to having many of the surfaces in his cage covered in non-pill fleece, which is soft on his feet. He loves to chew on plenty of appropriate toys and chews such as willow and apple twigs. We are ideally looking for someone with experience caring for chinchillas, and who is committed to their potential life span of up to 20 years! Access to a vet with an exotics specialist is also ideal.

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About Herbert:
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