Hi! I’m Atta and Asparagus

Atta and Asparagus are a bonded pair of bunnies who are seeking a loving home. Atta has been at Bristol A.R.C for over a year and never thought she would find another rabbit that she liked, but after meeting Asparagus the two have become the best of friends! As a pair of young, energetic rabbits they will need plenty of space and lots of activities to keep them occupied. Both have adjusted to living indoors, but could be slowly introduced to the outside over time. Neither would like to live with dogs, but they could live with sensible children that were experienced with rabbits.

Atta is the more nervous rabbit and will need plenty of time and space to settle in at her own pace. Asparagus is more confident and likes a lot of attention, cuddles and human company. These two are living proof that opposites really do attract!

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About Atta and Asparagus:
Male Female
1-3 years