Hi! I’m Ralph

Ralph is a sensitive Great Dane Crossbreed who is looking for a loving home. He gets easily worried by new things and can be noise sensitive, so he will need adopters who can continue working on building his confidence. He absolutely loves his tennis balls and likes to play fetch whilst trying to fit as many as he can in his mouth at once. Ralph has been muzzle trained and will be required to wear his muzzle on walks, as he can be worried by other dogs. He will need continued training with his muzzle, which he really enjoys, in order to keep it a positive experience. Ralph is very food motivated and loves working for food and doing scent work activities. He would benefit from walking in quiet areas so that he can feel more relaxed. Ralph can be a little nervous when meeting new people, and it may take him a while to become more confident. However once he feels comfortable with his adopters, he will become more affectionate towards them. Ralph is a big dog with a big heart, and is hoping to find a home where he can finally settle for good.

Ralph would:

Prefer to be the only dog
Prefer not to live with cats
Prefer to live in an adult only home
Need an experienced home
Need to live in a rural or semi-rural home
Need to be exercise away from off lead dogs and to stay on the lead at all times

adopt me
About Ralph:
3-6 years
Suitable to live with children
Adult only home
Special requirements
A semi-rural or rural home To be exercised away from off-lead dogs Experienced home
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats