Hi! I’m Precious & Crystal

Precious & Crystal can both be quite anxious of new people and situations and can be sensitive with handling. They will need understanding adopters who can help build their confidence. They are both very friendly and affectionate once they are settle and have bonded with you.

Precious & Crystal are anxious around other dogs so would need to be exercised away from them.

Precious & Crystal would:

Need to be rehomed together
Prefer not to live with cats
Prefer to live with children over 16 years of age
Like a semi-rural or rural home
Need to be exercised away from off-lead dogs

adopt me
About Precious & Crystal :
D013 & D014
3-6 years 6-10 years
Suitable to live with children
Children 16+
Special requirements
A semi-rural or rural home To be exercised away from off-lead dogs
Suitable to live with cats