Hi! I’m Jewel & Trixie

Jewel and Trixie look like a bit of an odd couple, but they are devoted to one another.

Jewel is an affectionate and talkative husky, whereas Trixie is a bit more independent and will occupy herself with toys. Although Trixie is the smaller of the pair, she is definitely the one Jewel looks to for guidance.

Trixie met Jewel when she was a puppy and they have lived together ever since, therefore becoming best friends. As a result of this, they are looking for a home where they can continue their friendship and stay together!

Jewel & Trixie would:

Prefer to be the only dogs
Prefer not to live with cats
Prefer to live with children over 13 years of age
Like an experienced home

adopt me
About Jewel & Trixie:
Husky Jack Russell
6-10 years
Suitable to live with children
Children 13+
Special requirements
Experienced home
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats