Hi! I’m Donald

Donald is an older dog who is looking for a quiet, retirement home. Due to the loss of his hearing, he'll need those around him to signal when they are approaching so that he doesn't get a fright. He would therefore be unsuitable to be around younger children. During his time at Bristol A.R.C, Donald has undergone some procedures to make his life more comfortable. He currently needs a prescription for Metacam (an anti-inflammatory) and will probably require medication for the remainder of his life - this cost will need to be factored in by any potential adopters. .

Although Donald enjoys his walks he should only be taken out for two shorter walks a day, and he would also benefit from some additional training to keep his brain stimulated. Although he hasn't been very interested in toys so far, it would be a positive idea to introduce some toys into his playtime routine once he is settled into his new home. Donald is a sweet and refined gentleman who is hoping to find a loving home as soon as possible.

Donald would:

Prefer to be the only dog
Prefer not to live with cats
Prefer to live in an adult only home

adopt me
About Donald:
10+ years
Suitable to live with children
Adult only home
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats