Hi! I’m Dave

Dave is a friendly young Lurcher puppy, who is looking for an experienced home with knowledge of his breed and of owning puppies. Dave came to us through unfortunate circumstances, therefore will need a home to work slowly on leaving him on his own and to be aware he values his food and toys highly.

Dave is eager to learn and would benefit from training classes. He could potentially live with another dog, or dog confident cat depending on successful introductions and could also live with children over 13 years of age, if they are used to dogs as he is still teething etc.

Dave would:

Potentially live with another dog, pending introductions
Potentially live with a dog confident cat
Prefer to live with children over 13 years of age
Like an experienced home
Like to have company for most of the day

adopt me
About Dave:
Under 1 year
Suitable to live with children
Children 13+
Special requirements
To have company for most of the day To live with owners experienced with my breed
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats