Hi! I’m Clover

Clover is an active and clever girl who loves people and playing with her toys (bouncy balls are her favourite!) Clover has an extremely high prey drive so will need to be muzzled on her walks and kept on lead, although she would love a good run around a secure field to burn off some of that energy. Her new family will need to continue her muzzle training, which is based around food and fun! She is very food motivated so enjoys the training, and any potential adopters will be shown how to continue her training in the home. Clover is very affectionate and loves activities such as agility training. Due to her high energy and intelligence levels, it would be really beneficial for her to continue with this after her adoption.

Clover would:

Prefer not to live with other dogs

Prefer not to live with cats

Prefer to live with adults only

Need to stay on lead at all times

Need to be muzzled on walks, due to her prey drive

adopt me
About Clover:
1-3 years
Suitable to live with children
Adult only home
Special requirements
A semi-rural or rural home To stay on a lead at all times
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats