Hi! I’m Banksy

Banksy has had a rough start, having been passed between a few homes already. He is looking for a consistent and patient forever home, with adopters who are willing to give him the stability that he needs to thrive. Banksy loves training and is very eager to please, but he can get a bit boisterous and mouthy when he feels unsure as to how he should behave in certain situations.

He has a cheeky personality that is sure to make you laugh, and he loves nothing more than playing with his carers and having a good time. Banksy enjoys going for walks but will need to wear a muzzle, as he doesn't appreciate off-lead dogs suddenly invading his space. Luckily, one of his favourite activities is muzzle training, and enjoys wearing a muzzle because it means he gets tasty treats!

Banksy is a mis-understood dog with lots of potential, and we are sure that he will bring a great deal of joy to the right family.

Banksy would:

  • Prefer not to live with dogs
  • Prefer not to live with cats
  • Prefer to live with adults only
  • Need a rural/ semi-rural home
  • Need to be exercised away from off-lead dogs
  • Need muzzling on walks
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About Banksy:
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
3-6 years
Suitable to live with children
Adult only home
Special requirements
A semi-rural or rural home To be exercised away from off-lead dogs Experienced home
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats