Hi! I’m Amelia

Amelia is a friendly, young dog that has suffered from anxiety during her stay at Bristol ARC. Amelia was a very nervous dog when she first came to us and found the world very scary. She has gained a lot of confidence whilst in our care and she is now a sociable dog that can overcome her fears quickly. Amelia would benefit from adopters that are able to visit her a few times so that a bond is established before she goes to her new home. Although she is a very sweet and affectionate dog, she can be quite needy at times and does struggle with separation anxiety. Therefore it would be best for her to go to a household with more than one person, so that she does not become overly reliant on one person.

Amelia has limited hearing after needing operations on both ears, but she has been learning hand signals to assist her basic obedience training. She enjoys spending time with other dogs and is a lot more confident when around them. Amelia does struggle with motion sickness, so she will need a home that doesn't require her to travel much.

Amelia would:

Potentially live with another dog, pending introductions
Potentially live with a dog confident cat
Prefer to live with children over 16 years of age
Like a rural/semi-rural home
Like to have company for most of the day

About Amelia:
1-3 years
Suitable to live with children
Children 16+
Special requirements
A semi-rural or rural home To have company for most of the day Experienced home
Suitable to live with dogs
Suitable to live with cats