Hi! I’m Derry

Hello, I'm Derry, a loveable ad playful boy looking for my forever, indoor only home. After straying, i'm happy to be indoors, safe and warm with someone to fuss and give me regular meals!

When I was rescued by Bristol A.R.C, I needed veterinary attention as I had cat flu and the vet performed some other tests which showed I was FIV+*. This means i'll need a special indoor home away from other cats, in which i'll be given all the time and understanding I need to feel safe and confident.

I'm between 3-4 years old and still very playful and active. While I love company, i'm not needy and would be content having a fuss from my new owners or entertaining myself in my new roost.

* FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

The FIV virus depletes the number of white blood cells, which eventually makes the cat less able to fight off infection. However, because it is such a slow acting virus many FIV+ cats enjoy a normal lifespan with no apparent health problems resulting from the virus. FIV is species specific, which means it can only be transmitted from cat to cat, not to humans or other animals. For further information about this disease and caring for a FIV+ cat please speak to a member of our veterinary team.

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About Derry:
Suitable to live with children
Children 13+
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3- 6 years