Out of hours service

We know that animal emergencies can happen at any time, so what should you do if you find a straying or injured animal out of hours? There are a few things you can do:

Ring our emergency line

If you find a stray dog in the early part of the evening (5 pm – 10 pm) our Rehoming team can help, please call 0117 977 6043 for further information.
From 5pm – 8am and on Bank Holidays, we operate an emergency out of hours helpline: If you discover a stray, injured or sick domestic animal between the hours of 5pm to 8am please call us on 0117 9776043. If appropriate the team will direct you to our emergency out of hours veterinary provider. You will need to be able to transport the animal yourself.
Please note, straying healthy cats are not considered an emergency. If you believe you’ve found one please follow the advice found here.

Take the animal in overnight

If you find a straying pet or wildlife that doesn’t seem badly hurt, if it is possible (and only if it is safe for you to do so), it might be best to take the animal home with you until you can call us in the morning. Visit our contact us page for our phone number and opening times.

Contact your local vet

All vets have an emergency line and have a legal obligation to help animals in need. Give them a call and ask them for advice. If the animal is injured it’s likely you’ll need to transport the animal to them. You won’t be charged if the animal requires treatment.