Help & Advice

Lost pet advice

We are sorry to hear that your pet has gone missing. We hope our tips below will be helpful:

Please give our Clinic and Rehoming Centre a call on (Clinic) 0117 9724567 and (Rehoming Centre) 0117 9776043 to see if we have taken in your pet.

If you have lost a dog please call your local dog wardens:

Contact the Bristol City dog wardens on 0117 9222500

Contact the South Gloucestershire dog wardens on 01454 868000

Other useful tips:

- Ask neighbours to check their sheds and garages.

- Put up posters in your local area.

- Call local vets to see if your pet has been taken there.

- Visit Pets Located – an online resource for lost and found pets.

Microchipping is the most effective way of ensuring you are always reunited with your pet if they are lost, and it is now a legal requirement that all dogs are chipped.

Found a dog?

If you’ve found a stray dog it is a legal requirement that you report it to your local council dog warden unit:

Contact the Bristol City on 0117 9222500

Contact the South Gloucestershire on 01454 868000

We hold the stray contract for Bristol which means that we take in all stray dogs found in the Bristol City Council area. Call 07792 028235 for advice.

Found a cat?

It can be difficult to tell if a cat is genuinely a stray. These steps might be useful if you believe you have found a homeless cat:

- Check with your neighbours to make sure it isn’t their cat. They might be new to the area.

- Put in ‘found’ cat posters in the local area – remember to include local shops and vet practices.

- If it is safe to do so, put a paper collar on the cat with your details, asking the owner to call you. You can download these collars to print online. If nobody calls you within a few days, the cat is likely a stray.

- The cat may have a microchip – bring it to our Clinic or take it to your local vets to have it checked.

- Put the cat on Pets Located – an online resource that reunites lost animals with their owners.

- If you live in the Bristol area and have taken these steps but not traced an owner, call Bristol A.R.C.'s Clinic on 0117 9724567 to see if we can take the cat for rehoming.