Bristol A.R.C. Winter Appeal

For this year’s Winter Appeal, we are raising money towards brand new veterinary equipment.

Our Clinic has been providing emergency care for 26 years and some of our apparatus is now in serious need of updating!

We use clinical equipment for all kinds of reasons, for example in our Intensive Care Unit and to diagnose conditions effectively through blood tests, scans and X rays.

We frequently need these results to allow us to understand exactly what is wrong with an animal, so that we are able to start the life-saving treatments they need as soon as possible.

For an animal who comes to us with kidney failure, being able to instantly make an informed decision about the best type of fluids to rehydrate them could be the difference needed to allow them to make a full recovery!

The new equipment will cost us tens of thousands of pounds, and we are appealing to you, our loyal supporters, to help us raise £5,000 towards this cost.

If we are lucky enough to raise this full £5,000 contribution towards the veterinary equipment we need, every additional penny raised will go towards our veterinary care costs and general running costs which are required to look after the animals in our care.

£3326 raised towards our target of £5,000