Wellbeing Suite Appeal

When we humans need to visit the dentist or the doctor, or have any type of health check, it can leave us feeling a bit nervous. The same is true for animals when they need to visit the vet, even for something small.

It can be even more stressful for animals who are in kennels. Our staff do all they can to help our animals feel comfortable and happy while they’re here, but they’re already trying to cope with being in unfamiliar surroundings and adjust to a sudden and dramatic change in their circumstances. And so when they find themselves on a trip to see one of our vets, their stress levels can rise even further.

£1917.95 raised towards our target of £3,435

So how can you help?

The animals in our Rehoming Centre visit an onsite clinic room for their check-ups, but over many years, this room has become tired, worn and desperately needs a little TLC.

Our Wellbeing Room Appeal is raising money to renovate this room and completely transform it into a soothing and reassuring area for our animals to visit for treatment. To help increase our animals feelings of comfort, the room will get a lick of paint, new flooring, tiles and new lighting. And to help keep all of our animal patients at a comfortable temperature, especially during the colder months, we need to install improved heating in the room.

We want this space to be our new Wellbeing Suite – good for animal patients and human staff.

Shopping List

  • £1695 will help to keep our animals cool in the summer and warm in the winter with new heaters, windows and fans.
  • £700 will help us to buy an Auroscope, for us to ensure the animal’s ears are healthy.
  • £990 will help us refresh our flooring and storage units – ensuring we can keep medicines safe and secure.
  • £50 will ensure that the Wellbeing Suite and its contents are kept safe with a new lock