Spread joy to animals who deserve a second chance

Each year, we provide care for around 7,000 animals, and work round the clock to ensure that each animal receives the love and care they need and deserve. Sadly, many animals that spend time at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre have had a bad start in life and come to us with broken spirits. Led by Zita, our senior behaviourist, the Animal Care team work tirelessly with the animals to help them learn to live happy, confident lives and bring the spark back to distressed animals.

Sponsor our animal behaviour work from £10 a month

Every animal is different, and during their stay receives at least two assessments from the team to determine what additional behavioural care and attention they’ll need. Your monthly support will help provide:

  • Socialisation equipment for puppies and kittens
  • Sensory garden materials
  • Calming aids
  • Specialist harnesses for dogs who are sensitive to touch
  • Agility equipment
  • Cameras for observing dogs in their kennels and monitoring progress
  • Enrichment feeders
  • Textbooks, webinars and further training for key staff so they're up to date with latest behaviour science techniques

We’ll keep in touch with updates and photos throughout the year, and let you know just how much of a difference your sponsorship makes to the lives of the vulnerable animals in our care.

Kevin's story

Kevin is a young rottweiler who came into our care as a stray. When he arrived he was very frightened and would try to defend himself by growling and barking whenever anyone approached, and was so stressed that no one could go near him for the first few days. With daily desensitisation sessions from our experienced staff, he gradually began to trust his carers and learned that he could interact with them safely and come out of his kennel for exercise and training.

The team began teaching him cooperative care techniques, so that he could voluntarily take part in force-free handling. He learned to lie on his side on cue, to put his nose into his muzzle of his own choosing, and to stand still while a stethoscope is used to listen to his heart. When he was ready, this allowed the vets to perform his health check without any restraint or discomfort.

Thanks to many months of dedicated daily work with him, Kevin is now a cuddly and affectionate dog who enjoys meeting new people and is settling nicely into his new family home.

Give the dogs in our care the best chance at a new and happy life by sponsoring our behaviour work from £10 a month