Spread joy to animals in need

Each year we care for over 7,000 vulnerable animals that need a helping hand. Your committed support will help ensure that every animal that comes to us receives the highest level of care, and of course plenty of attention, whilst we search for their perfect new home.

Sponsor a small animal pod with us either for yourself or as a gift and you will receive a special certificate, as well as regular updates and photos throughout the year so you'll be able to see just how much of a difference your sponsorship makes to the lives of the animals we care for.

Sponsor a small animal pod from £6 a month

Our small animal team help all kinds of little animals, from rabbits to injured wildlife, and chinchilla’s to through to chameleon! The pods need to be versatile, so they can adapt to whichever type of smallie needs them, and your support will enable the team to ensure we have the right accommodation available for whoever bounces, crawls or slithers through our doors.

During their stay with us, your monthly support will help provide:

  • Full bellies
  • Cosy warm beds
  • Treats toys and enrichment
  • Veterinary care including check-ups
  • Tailored rehabilitation plans where appropriate

Every penny you donate goes directly to looking after the animals in our care.

Busby's story

Busby the ferret came in to us as a stray when a group of workers found him on a local building site. After veterinary treatment, a generous supply of tasty food, and a warm, cosy bed he slowly started to trust his carers. Eventually, Busby started to relax and enjoy his environment, so we slowly began his desensitisation to humans and handling.

Soon enough, we were able to get Busby out in our play area so he could explore and play with all the toys - this was his turning point! Busby loved his playtime and soon jumped into his carers arms when it was his turn to play! It didn't take long for an experienced adopter to fall in love with him and all his little quirks.

Be a part of our rescue story by sponsoring our small animal pods from £6 a month today.