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We welcome hundreds of dogs through our doors each year, and each wagging tail receives the love and care they need and deserve. Your committed support will help ensure that every dog that comes to us receives the highest level of care, and of course plenty of cuddles, whilst we search for their perfect new home.

Sponsor a dog kennel from £6 a month.

Every dog is different, and their unique characters always shine through. During their stay with us, your monthly support will help provide:

  • Full bellies
  • Cosy warm beds
  • Treats, toys and enrichment
  • Veterinary care, including check-ups, dental work, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations
  • Tailored rehabilitation plans and training

We’ll keep in touch with updates and photos throughout the year, and let you know just how much of a difference your sponsorship makes to the lives of the dogs we care for.

The dogs that come to us often don’t stay too long, and we love staying in touch with their new families, and hearing all the stories about their adventures and what they get up to once they leave us.

Scrum's story

Scrum (pictured) came to us in a bad way; underweight and suffering from a bad skin condition that his previous owners had failed to treat. He needed extensive veterinary treatment and the loving care of our Animal Carers to restore his spirit. Thanks to supporters like you, Scrum’s made an amazing recovery and is now back to full health and will soon be enjoying his new life with his adopted family. Our teams were able to give Scrum the dedicated expert time and attention he so needed thanks to support from people like you, and your monthly gift will help other dogs like Scrum bounce back to full health.

Scrum was happily rehomed back in April 2021, and is loving life with his new family.

Make a change to a dog’s life today by supporting a dog kennel from £6 a month.