Spread joy to dogs in need

Each year we care for over 7,000 vulnerable animals that need a helping hand. Your committed support will help ensure that every dog that comes to us receives the highest level of care, and of course plenty of cuddles, whilst we search for their perfect new home.

Sponsor a dog kennel with us either for yourself or as a gift and you will receive a special certificate, as well as regular pupdates and photos throughout the year so you'll be able to see just how much of a difference your sponsorship makes to the lives of the dogs we care for.

Sponsor a dog kennel from £6 a month

Every dog is different, and their unique characters always shine through. During their stay with us, your monthly support will help provide:

  • Full bellies
  • Cosy warm beds
  • Treats, toys and enrichment
  • Veterinary care, including check-ups, dental work, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations
  • Tailored rehabilitation plans and training

Layla's story

Layla (pictured) was found as a stray in a nearby park. She had given birth not too long before and had mammary tumours, skin infections, and various other medical issues. She wasn't in a good way when she arrived, and our expert team got to work and operated on her immediately. On investigation, they found a nasty infection in Layla's womb and were forced to do an emergency hysterectomy. Layla's medical condition could've been fatal had it gone untreated. We need your help to support the animals that need it most, like Layla. Your donations mean we can keep that vital work going and ensure that no animal gets left behind. Donate today to give animals like Layla a second chance at a life they deserve.

Make a change to a dog’s life today by supporting a dog kennel from £6 a month