Spread joy to cats in need

Each year we care for over 7,000 vulnerable animals that need a helping hand. Your committed support will help ensure that every cat that comes to us receives the highest level of care, and of course plenty of cuddles, whilst we search for their perfect new home.

Sponsor a cat cabin with us either for yourself or as a gift and you will receive a special certificate, as well as regular mews and photos throughout the year so you'll be able to see just how much of a difference your sponsorship makes to the lives of the cats we care for.

Sponsor a cat cabin from £6 a month today

Cats come to us from all different backgrounds, which means that each feline friend has different needs during their stay. Your monthly support will help provide:

  • Full bellies
  • Cosy warm beds
  • Treats, toys and enrichment
  • Veterinary care, including check-ups, dental work, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations
  • Tailored rehabilitation plans

It costs over £200 to help treat and care for a cat involved in a traffic accident, and your support will mean that we can continue to help cats who come through our doors and need our expert care.

“Often when cats come into our care they have been straying for a period of time, often having no safe space or quality food. By giving them the sanctuary of our cat cabins, high standards of care, routine and quality food, the transformation in some of these cats is unbelievable. Our expert cattery staff and care assistants are able to recognise each individual’s needs and adapt their care accordingly. Some cats like to hide, some like to lounge around, some like to bask in the sun up high and some like to curl up where they can’t be seen. Whatever it is that they prefer, we are able to offer it to them thanks to your support!” - Jodie Hayward, Animal Home Manager

Sandra's story

Sandra was a stray who was brought in to us with a badly fractured jaw. After extensive treatment and a long recovery period, she made a full recovery and was quickly adopted. She now spends her days being cuddled by her new family and enjoying a safer, more comfortable life. Your monthly support would enable us to change the lives of stray animals like Sandra and give them another chance.

Be a part of our rescue story by sponsoring our cat cabins from £6 a month today