Carry on the Kindness this winter – support our Winter Appeal

In December 1887 our founder Edward T Parker found a lost puppy alone and cold during a bitter Bristol snow storm. He decided to help that little puppy get the food and shelter it needed, and 133 years later here we are! Edward T Parker’s simple act of kindness has helped change the lives of thousands of animals in the Bristol area ever since.

Each year we take in countless animals that need a helping hand and this year (pandemic or not) has been no different. Despite the devastating financial effects Covid-19 has had on our charity, we’re determined to continue providing our animals with the very best care during their stay with us.

However, as we’re all aware, during the chilly winter months heating bills rise and on an average winter day, the energy bill for our animal rescues costs over £180. This includes heating our kennel blocks for doggy residents and patients, multiple catteries and our special care unit where we look after animals who are very poorly.

We’ve truly never needed your support more. Please keep us helping, healing and homing local animal in need this winter by making a donation to our appeal. We’d be so grateful for any contribution you are able to make during these challenging times.

We are aiming to raise at least £6,000 through our Winter Appeal, to help cover our increased costs, and to offer those animals that need us a warm and cosy safe place to stay.

Ways to donate:

  • Simply click the “Donate” button at the top of this page. (Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to donate, simply scroll down to the “Guest Check Out” to make your donation, and remember to quote “Kindness” in how you heard about this campaign so we can make sure the funds go directly to our Winter Appeal!)

  • Call us on 01179 803 906 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) to speak to our lovely fundraising team and make a payment by card over the phone.

  • Donate via our JustGiving page

  • Text KINDNESS to 70460 to donate £5 (you can give any amount from £1 - £20, just add the amount you want to donate after the word KINDNESS e.g. text ‘KINDNESS 3’ to 70460 to donate £3.)

    Texts cost the amount you choose to donate, plus one standard rate message, and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via email or telephone. If you’d like to give £5, but do not want to hear more from us you can text: ‘KINDNESSNOINFO’ to 70460 (for other donation amounts, just add the number use wish to donate after the word ‘kindnessnoinfo’).
£3389 raised towards our target of £6,000

Send us a B.A.R.C. bauble

Would you like to send a special message to the animals in our care this Christmas? Return our B.A.R.C. bauble with your donation and we’ll hang it on our Christmas tree for all to see.


Teddy's tale of courage

Teddy is a young Chihuahua who came to us through unfortunate unforeseen circumstances. He was brought in by the police, who found him not wanting to leave the side of his suddenly deceased owner. When he came in, Teddy was completely shut down and traumatized. He hid at the back of his carrier, hiding his face in the corner. When staff tried to reach towards him to take him to a kennel, he would try to bite in a desperate attempt to protect himself from further trauma. With gentle care and compassion, Teddy was eventually transferred to one of our kennels, where our staff began the journey of making him feel safe and happy again.

For the first few days, Teddy would not move from his bed. He sat facing the corner, with his face pressed against the wall. He would not eat or drink or move from his position. Our staff spent time sitting in front of his kennel, reading to him and leaving him tasty morsels. As he began to recognize his carers, and realise that he was safe, Teddy began to relax. He started eating the treats, and eventually his full meals, although only when no one was looking. He would get out of bed when people passed to see what was going on and generally showed more interest in his environment. He was still very frightened of any interaction however. As soon as anyone opened his kennel door, he would run back to his bed and hide.

Gradually, staff moved on to working with Teddy in his kennel. They would sit near him and let him approach and sniff on his own terms. They would speak to him and offer him treats, which he eventually felt confident enough to take from their hands. Soon he was willing to come into their laps and accept gentle affection. With time, staff were even able to put a lead on Teddy, although he was not quite ready to walk on it yet. Once he was a bit more comfortable, Teddy allowed staff members to pick him up and carry him to different areas and meet new people – this was less scary for him than braving the world on his own four feet. He even got to meet a few dogs through the kennel bars, like Amelia, another nervous dog, who he showed great interest in.

Teddy started to have playdates with Amelia out of the kennel, and her presence helped him feel confident enough to go on his first real walk outside of our site. Teddy also started to learn all about toys and what fun they can be. Before, he did not know what to do with them and was even scared of some, especially the squeaky ones.

Although Teddy has come a very long way from the trembling shut-down dog that came in to us, he still has a long way to go. Teddy is fortunate to have found a loving foster home in a quiet rural hamlet, where he will continue his road to recovery.