Keep our nightlight burning

We make no secret of the fact that the pandemic has hit us hard.

Along with many other local businesses and charities, we've had to adapt to a wildly new world that lays before us. Although we've had to make some tough decisions, we've also been able to take advantage of new opportunities.

From March, we're partnering with a Bristol veterinary practice to provide emergency support for animals out of hours, whilst also extending the hours that our Animal Care teamwork in the evenings, to ensure that the animals in our care have more time for cuddles, walks and much-needed attention before bed. Find out more about our out-of-hours changes here.

We're excited about this new focus for our site, and the opportunity to be able to do what we do best - look after the vulnerable animals in our care, like Meg.

Meg was found tied to a park bench, her lead fronzen and fur icy from the cold weather.

Thankfully, we were able to help Meg get back on her paws and help her to trust again. Read Meg's story here.

Please help us to be able to continue to provide care for animals like Meg by donating to our appeal. Your support will provide care for vulnerable animals when they need it the most, like Meg, who needed lots of care from our team to recover from her ordeal. Be part of Meg's rescue 'tail' by donating today

We continue to support animals round the clock, but have had to slightly change the way we do this to ensure that we're still able to deliver our core charitable purpose. By partnering with a local veterinary provider to cover out of hours emergencies, we can focus our resources on providing the best care to the animals at Albert Road. We'll have a team onsite until late, providing all the comforts and care an animal could want - but we need your help to keep our nightlight burning.

Click here to donate to our appeal today, or if you would prefer to donate over the phone you can give our friendly team a call on 01179 803 906 Monday – Friday between 9 am 5pm, and we’d be happy to help.

Thank you for making a difference to Bristol's most vulnerable animals.

£3666.89 raised towards our target of £8,000

A note from Jodie

“From the 1st of March, our animals will get to enjoy the company of their wonderful humans until 10pm each evening. The staff will be able to tuck them in each evening and ensure that everything is in order before leaving for the night. By increasing the amount of staff we have working in the evenings alongside volunteers, we will be able to do more of what we do best: care for the animals. Extended hours mean will be able to safely exercise dogs who require toilet breaks, socialise with our smaller furry friends, spend precious one-to-one time with nervous animals who are undergoing rehabilitation and ensure that those on late feeds are monitored closely.”

Jodie Haywards, Animal Home Manager

Join our volunteer family!

We're looking for individuals to help at the Animal Home between 5pm - 10pm with tucking the animals in and making sure they're cosy at night.

To find out more and apply for the volunteer role of ‘Evening lock-up’ – Volunteer Animal Care Assistant, click here.