Heating Hearts this Winter

Nobody likes to be cold. A shiver down your spine, teeth chattering, the ends of your fingers numb.

Luckily for us humans, most of the time we can sort these problems for ourselves. We can turn up the heating, put on a jumper, and find that snuggly blanket that has been tidied away since last winter.

But the animals in our care rely completely on us to provide that all needed warmth.

We look after hundreds of animals at any one time and they all need somewhere to keep warm. On an average winter day, the energy bill for our animal residences costs over £180. This includes heating our kennel blocks for doggy residents and patients, multiple catteries, the isolation block where we look after animals who are very poorly, and our special small animal unit. On top of this we ensure that the animals are supplied with snuggly blankets, and microwavable heat pads to keep the winter chill at bay. Can you help raise £5,400 to pay for a whole month's heating?

You can help make sure that none of our animals have to worry about the winter cold.

The rabbits will stay snuggly, the cats will be cosy, the wildlife can have a break from the chill of winter, and the dogs keep warm in their kennels. Animals who are warm will be healthier and happier, and will be more comfortable as they recover or wait for a new home.

To give Bristol’s animals the gift of warmth this winter, either give a donation above, or text HEAT18 £5 (or the amount of your choice) to 70070. All money raised will go towards our energy bills.

£3055 raised towards our target of £5,400