Good Night's Sleep

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.

Fresh sheets, cosy blankets, and the perfect amount of pillows are a recipe for happiness for us humans. This spring we’re asking for your help in giving all our doggy residents the best possible naptime too.

Currently the dogs in our care sleep in plastic beds with an assortment of duvets and blankets. Whilst these do provide comfort, we want to do better for them.

Our dream is to purchase special raised dog beds for our kennels. These beds are raised between 6 and 9 inches off the floor, and are designed to be durable and easy to maintain. As we have dogs of all shapes and sizes, we will be ordering a range of beds to match!

Why these beds?

- Raising the dog off the cold kennel floor allows air to circulate underneath them meaning that they won’t get too hot or too cold

- They are more hygienic as they can be completely disinfected which keeps our dogs healthier

- They are designed to be ‘chew-proof’ and they can be repaired at a cheaper price than the purchase of a new bed saving us precious pennies

- They are quick to clean meaning our staff will be able to spend more time training and socialising the dogs.

Although it seems like a small thing, these beds will vastly improve the quality of sleep that the dogs have whilst in our kennels. This leads to calmer, happier dogs who have a better chance of being adopted. We would love to have your help in improving their lives in this way.

We are hoping to raise £6,120 to purchase these beds. If we are lucky enough to raise this amount, every additional penny raised will go towards general running costs required to look after the animals in our care.

To help give our dogs a good night’s sleep, donate above or you can visit Alternatively, text BEDS36 £5 (or the amount of your choice) to 70070.

£2867 raised towards our target of £6,120