What makes you, you? Plan an event you and your friends would love to come to. Simple events often raise the most money. Make it fun and your guests will donate more money.


Decide who and how many people you want at your event. Your chosen audience and numbers will affect every aspect of your event so make sure you have made up your mind before planning the finer details.


At your home, workplace, school or elsewhere? Make sure your venue is the right size for your event.


Think about your target audience and when they would be free. Consider key dates like bank holidays and school holidays.

How much?

If you need equipment for your event, make sure to include this in a budget for the event. Keep costs down by asking local businesses to donate time or items for raffle prizes etc.

What next?

Promotion is very important for a public event, try to reach as many people as early as you can. Make posters, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Promote the event at your school, university or workplace, contact local media; the possibilities are endless!

Consider whether you will need any extra help during the event and ask friends and family if they’d be happy to volunteer.