Christmas Donations

We are always thrilled and amazed at your generosity as we approach the winter months and of course, Christmas. We know that many of our supporters like to give gifts to the animals around the festive season, especially food to see them through the coldest months.

However, instead of buying tins or bags of foods this year we are asking our supporters to do something slightly different.

We would be delighted if you would send us Supermarket Vouchers instead, equating to the same amount as you would have spent on the pet food.

It is so important that our animals eat a consistent diet, with the same branded food every day. This keeps their tummies happy and as such makes them more content and therefore more adoptable.

Many of our animals have special diets which means that we need to purchase appropriate food – which can be very expensive. Supermarket vouchers enables us to select the very best food for each individual animal, it also means that we can save the vouchers and purchase food gradually throughout the year for all of the different animals – including veggies for the small rabbits and exotics.

If you prefer to buy toys, then perhaps you can take some inspiration from our Amazon Wish List where we save all of the toys that our animals love to play with. Click here.

If you’ve any questions, please drop us a line on and we would be happy to answer them.