Free cat microchipping

Don't let your best friend get lost. Microchipping helps keep you and your pet together.

Every year, over a quarter of a million animals are lost. Microchipping gives a pet the best possible chance of being identified and reunited with its owner. Unlike dogs, where the law states that they must be chipped, microchipping is optional for cats – although highly encouraged by vets and animal charities.

Reuniting cats with their owners can be almost impossible when they are not microchipped.

Here at Bristol A.R.C., we take in hundreds of ill and injured stray cats every year. When a chip is not found, or the details are not up to date, we provide care and veterinary treatment in the hope that an owner may contact us, but there comes a time where for the cat’s welfare, it needs to be put up for rehoming. It’s so much better when the cat is microchipped and can be reunited with its owner straight away.

Free cat microchipping for cat owners in Bristol.

Our free microchipping offer is open to any Bristol cat from 4 months of age. Any owners who are interested are invited to call 01179 724 567 (9 – 4 pm Monday – Friday) to arrange a free appointment.

Microchips are slightly smaller than a grain of rice and are inserted under the cat’s skin – just between the shoulder blades. The procedure is a simple and quick one, and once the microchip is inserted, the cat is completely unaware of its presence. The chip holds vital information to track the cat’s owners – this information is stored on a secure database.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID – 19 you will be required to follow our new strict health and safety procedures when bringing your cat in. These will be explained to you when you ring to make your appointment.