Found a cat?

It can be difficult to tell if a cat is genuinely a stray, cats have a large territory and can wander from around 2 – 8 acres regularly, you may just be a favourite stop off on their normal patrol.

Not all cats wear collars, or it may have fallen off – so a cat without a collar doesn’t necessarily mean it is a stray.

Do not try to keep the cat indoors, as it could be a nursing mum, need medication or require a special diet.

These steps might be useful if you believe you have found a truly homeless cat:

  • Check with your neighbours to make sure it isn’t their cat, they might be new to the area, or know whose cat it is – maybe the cat is a visitor at their house too.
  • If it is safe to do so, put a paper collar on the cat with your details, asking the owner to call you. You can download the RSPCA template here. If nobody calls you within a few days, the cat is possibly a stray.
  • The cat may have a microchip – you can bring the cat to our Clinic (or take them to your local vets) to check for a microchip, please always call first.

Add the cat to free cat online services – these are free for found pets:

  • Put ‘found’ cat posters in the local area – remember to include local shops and vet practices within a fairly wide area, remember cats can patrol territories up to 8 acres. You can download our handy template here.
  • Post in local Facebook and social media groups such as Lost and Found Pets in Bristol/South Glos
  • If you live in the Bristol area and have taken all these steps but not traced an owner, call the Bristol A.R.C. team on 0117 9724 567 (9 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday) to see if we can take the cat in.

If you find an injured or unwell cat outside of our opening hours and are unable to care for it until we reopen, please call our out of hours’ emergency line for advice 01179 724 567.

Please note, stray healthy cats are not an emergency – unless you find an injured cat please just follow the steps listed above.