RSPCA Bristol and Bristol Dogs & Cats Home has changed its working name to Bristol A.R.C. What does this mean?

In January 2018 RSPCA Bristol and District Branch will re-brand to become Bristol Animal Rescue Centre – Bristol A.R.C. for short!

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre and Bristol A.R.C. are the new working names of RSPCA Bristol and District Branch, which includes Bristol Dogs & Cats Home and the RSPCA Bristol Clinic. We remain a proud part of the RSPCA however we hope our new working name will give us a unique visual identity to encourage more support in Bristol.

Why are you changing your name?

We have been working towards this re-brand for over 12 months. The process began with extensive on-street research amongst our supporters and members of the public in Bristol. The research asked questions to find out what they knew about us as a charity, and the services that we offer.

The market research unfortunately showed that our charity recognition was fairly poor, and that there was confusion about what services we offered, how we’re funded and how we work with the national RSPCA – from both supporters and random members of the public.

Based on the results of this research and feedback from supporters the big decision was made to embark on a charity-wide re-brand. We hope that by launching a new working name, logo, website and all other brand related materials that we can cement our charity name in people’s minds to encourage more support in 2018 and beyond, and be clearer about the services that we offer to animals in need across Bristol.

Will any services be affected?

None of the services that we offer will be affected in any way. Our mission to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to all animals remains. While our look may be changing, our work of helping, healing and homing animals will not.

Our rehoming centre will continue to rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of stray, neglected and unwanted animals every year at our site on Albert Road. Our Clinic will also continue to offer its veterinary services to clients, animals at the Home, wildlife emergencies, strays and to animals that arrive with RSPCA Inspectors.

Our services that we offer will not change in any way – and although our website and signs might look different, our work to improve the lives of vulnerable animals continues.

I am a client of RSPCA Bristol Clinic – do I need to register again?

You do not need to register as a client again as none of our services have changed. We still offer the same list of services and treatments as we always have done. You will call the same number to book or cancel appointments as you always have.

Why have you spent money on a re-brand when you are a charity?

We recognise that some members of the public and some supporters may question our decision to spend money on a re-brand. We want to reassure these individuals that we have made every penny count.

We hope that the decision to invest this money in our charity this year will help to ensure that we can help more animals in need in the coming years.

Public awareness and support is key to the success of any charity, and this re-brand aims to connect with individuals across the city who are unaware of our work and the services that we offer. We want people across Bristol to know we are an independent charity that is totally reliant on the generosity of the local community – our new brand will be the vehicle to help us to do this.

If I am leaving a legacy to Bristol Dogs & Cats Home or RSPCA Bristol & District Branch do I need to make any changes to my Will?

If you have left a legacy to Bristol Dogs & Cats Home or RSPCA Bristol & District Branch you do not need to make any changes to your Will. It's really important to remember to include our charity number of 205858 which has not changed. If you want to ask us any questions, please do call us on 0117 3003968.