Employee fundraising

  • Everyone loves a cake sale at work, but you could also try a social lunchtime feast - a few of you bring some lunch dishes and you sit together for lunch, paying a small fee for the pleasure, maybe you could wait on your colleagues and ask for tips!

  • Dress up or down at workday – do the opposite to what you would usually do! If your team usually wear suits and smart clothes to work opt for a dress down Friday, or if you are more casual at work have a dress-up day instead where everyone can wear their posh frocks or suits! You can even make this a monthly event. Ask for one of our collection buckets to get the donations rolling in.

  • Spare change? A collection tin on your reception desk or lunchroom soon fills up. Ask for one today. Every penny helps raise vital funds for the animals in our care.

  • Skip the snacks. Why not ditch the doughnuts and coffee for the day? Donate what you would have spent to the Bristol A.R.C.

Top tip: Ask your employer to match the cash you raise through your workplace fundraising activities. This’ll help you rocket towards your target, raise shedloads for animals in need – and make your boss feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Need help?

If you would like more information about how you can raise funds for the animals in our care, or would like support planning your fundraiser, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with Maisie on: