Adoption Procedure


The best place to start when you’re looking to rehome an animal is on our online rehoming pages here. All of the available animals will have a profile that explains their character and the kind of home that would make them happy. Give us a call, or come in and speak to our staff to find out more about the animal.


Each animal is assessed when they come into the Home to find out about their personality and which environment and home would suit them best. Sometimes the specific animal you have chosen might not be suitable for your lifestyle, but we will work with you to hopefully find another match.


When we have worked together to find you a suitable match, we will introduce you to the animal. It’s important to always remember that some of our animals may react differently in the kennel environment, and may behave completely differently when they are comfortable in a home.

If you find your perfect match, all members of the household must come in and meet the animal regardless of the species.

If you already have a dog in the household that has the potential to live with another dog then we will make the arrangements for an introduction to take place at our rehoming centre with staff present to ensure safety.


If we and you are happy with the match then you place a reserve on the animal. This is £20 and will come off the cost of the final adoption fee (only applicable to dogs and cats).

Home check and at home for the day

A volunteer from Bristol A.R.C. will come and visit you in your home to ensure you have the correct setup to keep the animal safe and happy.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, they will be able to enjoy a day at home with you prior to adoption to ensure that they are comfortable in your home environment.


Before taking your animal home, our team will go through any additional information that will help your new pet to settle in. Aftercare is so important to us; you will receive a call within a month of adoption, and after 3 months one of our volunteers will call to arrange a post-adoption visit with you to check that the settling in process has been smooth. If you need any support at any stage of the process, we are here to help.

All adopters will be asked to read and sign Bristol A.R.C.'s Terms & Condition of adoption. You can read them in full here.

Adoption costs

  • Dogs: £150
  • Cats £80
  • Rabbits £25
  • Ferrets £20
  • Guinea Pigs £15
  • Birds £15 plus
  • Other small animals (e.g. Rats & Hamsters) £5 plus
  • Exotics/Reptiles - various depending on species.